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Thread: I think it's time to pump wean

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    Yeah finding time to be creative is hard, I must admit that week nights we default to what we are eating or things I know will work.

    Mine will eat veggies no problem (he snacks on raw green/red/yellow peppers) but has a hard time with certain textures and won't eat anything that's not "finger food" - so we try to invent things as we can, and get a lot of ideas from here!

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    Default Re: I think it's time to pump wean

    I pump weaned when DS was 16 mo old.

    DS is allergic to all dairy - so he gets fortified soy milk or water when he is at preschool.

    My understanding is that toddlers do not need to drink cow milk, but they DO need to be getting plenty of fat & calcium.

    If your LO eats dairy products - they can get that fat & calcium from things like whole milk yogurt and cheeses.

    If you are breastfeeding 3 or 4 times a day, this goes a long way towards meeting your toddler's dietary needs. See kellymom.com - nutrition for nursing toddlers.

    A very very long thread where I went into the details of toddler fat needs.

    My DS is 21 mo and typically nurses about 4 times a day. My supply is fine and has self regulated after pump weaning. Right after I pump weaned - I'd get uncomfortably "full" on Mondays and would hand express a little to relieve discomfort.

    As for guilt - don't.

    After pump weaning at work I am much happier about continuing to breastfeed because I no longer have to lug around the pump, find time to pump, stress about how much I'm pumping, and wash all those pump parts. Which makes me a happier mama all around.
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    Default Re: I think it's time to pump wean

    Thanks for the great links. I haven't finished reading the thread from this site but I read the KellyMom link (I heart that entire website) and between that and the comments in this thread so far I feel much better about my desire to quit pumping. I think I am going to cut down to one session a day for now and see how it goes.

    Though the veggies are a pain to get into her my little Bean LOVES eggs (eats a hard boiled one almost every day) and cheese, yogurt (we feed her the cream on top whole milk stuff and she also loves the greek style), pasta, meat and, typically, avocado (though she's on a big 'cado refusal kick at the moment). As far as I know she has no allergies. She does graze throughout the day. She eats cereal, prunes, raisins, fruit. She will almost always at least try what we put on her plate though if it is a vegetable she'll put it in her mouth and then take it out of her mouth and won't be tricked into eating it again.

    So here's hoping that the constant little bites of all these varied things throughout the day, combined with water and bf-ing nights will be enough for her.

    Thanks so much for the support!

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