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Thread: Confused with block feeding

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    Question Confused with block feeding

    My LO is 4 weeks old. I have been block feeding for a few weeks now, but have recently changed from offering one side 2-3 times in a row to watching the clock at doing about 4-6 hour intervals. My first question, with these intervals of time we are ending up on the same side at the same time of day. For example we are nursing on the right side from about 12a-4a and left side from about 4a-8a...then we fall into this same pattern the next morning...will this cause my left side to produce less during the majority of the night (12a-4a)??? Isn't there a way to block feed to make things a bit more even...so we are on the left at this time during the next night. I hope this makes since.

    I am also curious as to when the engorgement will subside...or is this just something that comes along with OS?? After 4 weeks my breasts are always tender and sore, and become itchy once they get engorged...is that normal? If offer the right side at one feeding and the left at the next my breast do not have time to become engorged...with block feeding I am leaking all the time and pretty uncomfortable.

    Finally, how can you tell that block feeding is working? How do I know if my intervals of time are working...maybe I need to shorten or lengthen? How soon before I notice a difference? And how can I tell if things are different? I know a lot of questions!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.

    Oh one more...my DD has never had any green stools, just really explosive and gassy yellow/orange seedy. Is the explosiveness from the OALD?? Will that subside? Does OALD subside when the supply decreases? She seems to be handling the OALD pretty well...if she does come off she wants right back on right away even though I am spraying everywhere! I have actually noticed she is so used to the immediate let down that if she actually has to suck two or three times before it occurs she is fussy and impatient. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Default Re: Confused with block feeding

    Let's see, first, are you asking if after you no longer block feed if you want to nurse on the other side than your used to at a particular time if you will still have milk on that side? If so, I never had a problem with it.
    Unfortunatly, engorgement tends to be common with OS, but, after you get your supply under control a little more it should lessen or stop. How long it will last before then is uncertain.
    You will be able to tell that block feeding is working many ways. If baby was getting overfull and fussy, this should lessen although remember many babies still want to nurse quite frequently until 3-4 months. You should fell less engorged/full between nursings, and leaking may slow down, though I didn't stop leaking entirely until my son was 1yo. and I became PG again.
    I'm pretty sure the explosive poop is normal for most BF babies. Just wait till she does it while your changing her diaper. That's always fun!
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    Default Re: Confused with block feeding

    Also, it can take anywhere from six weeks to three months for your supply to even out... at the beginning many people have enough milk for an army of babies. With DS3 I was still engorged, leaking, spraying, etc. for three or four months, even though with the other two I had none of that.

    I did block feeding and just did a combination of clock/number of feeds. Also, if you co-sleep at all, you're probably going to have that same situation with one side making more at night. I never put the baby to outside of the bed so he can't fall, so one side does all the work all night and gets full while the other side goes about 12 hrs without nursing (my LO is 13 mos and doesn't feed as often during the day). It was the same with the other two boys as well. Hopefully my right boob doesn't stay bigger than the left for the rest of my life

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