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Thread: Need advice...Please!!

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    Default Need advice...Please!!

    So my lo is 4 months old. She has been ebf since she was born. I have been lucky enough to have been able to bring her to work with me since she was one week old so I was able to nurse her even through the day(i work with my hubbie). But probably starting in June we are going to hire a nanny to watch her during the day since she will at that point be a little more mobile with rolling around and such and I wont be able to both work and safely watch her at the same time. What i need advice on is this:

    Should I try to introduce bottles of breast milk at this point or should I just skip it and have her try feedings out of a cup during the day while im away from her?? Has anyone tried this approach? How easy/hard was it? If you did try cup feeding how did you know if your lo was getting enough??

    I hope someone can help give me some advice. Also does any one have any nanny stories (good or bad) they can share? (Help put my mind at ease or make me know what to look out for)


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    I don't know much about cup feeding but as for nannies, make sure you call as many former employers as you can for recommendations. And try to have them look after your LO with you around for a few days. Leave them alone but keep an eye and ear open.

    I found that speaking to former employers really put my mind at ease. Other than that, make sure they understand the whole BFing thing and that breastmilk is important.

    Best of luck!

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    If I were you I would try to introduce bottles/or whichever method you plan to use now so that your lo will have an easier time with the nanny. I just think it will be too much at once, a nanny and the introduction of a different feeding method. I second the thought that you should def. make sure it's someone that supports and understands breastfeeding. Even a person that seems to work great w/ your child may bump heads with you if they don't understand the importance of bfing and how the nursing relationship works.
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    Personally I might start trying now...maybe get your hubby to offer, since a lot of babies (mine included) take a bottle better from someone other than mom. *rueful grin* MIne also seems more interested in the sippy cup (which he'll actually take from me), so you could just try that. I've also heard a lot of people use those protable cups that use straws.
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    My daughter is almost 4 months but she has been drinking out of a cup for about 2 or 3 weeks now. She started that when she stopped drinking out of my left breast and she is doing really good, i wont give her a bottle since i want her to still breastfeed and dont want nipple confusion, if your worried about how much your lo is drinking just measure it before you put it in the cup and try to keep track of how much she spits out while learning to drink it. You can also start with using a spoon to feed it to her just to get her used to having to take it out of something that isnt a nipple.
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