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Thread: Told to supplement...baby too small!

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    mama you are doing great. I promise you won't regret continuing to nurse!!

    That's awesome that he nursed from the breast well! It's important to work on latch with him to save yourself some nipple trauma. Here's a couple (non LLL) resources on latch and positioning.


    Latch animation

    Have you talked with your LC or your Dr about a plan to wean from supplements when everyone is happy with the weight gain and diaper output?
    This is really exhausting for you! It won't be forever though, keep at it mama.
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    Don't give up! You've worked so hard for this and it's going to be worth it! It would be better to do formula AND BM rather than no BM at all! It's like liquid GOLD, girlfriend! That's great news that baby latched on to you and obviously was getting some great sucking action since you let down (hence the leaking milk from other side). Now, you just have to deal with what many of us did in the beginning and that's getting a good latch. Please give yourself more time! You may want to set a goal each week to try to help you see the big picture instead of dreading today. You can do it!

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    If your pedi is concerned that your bm has a low caloric density, then you could have the calories tested (not sure how to go about doing it though, sorry!) Also, there is a product called human milk fortifier(HMF) that can be added to EBM for added calories . If youe pedi tuely believes your milk is low in calories then you should talk to him about giving EBM in a bottle with the HMF. But, as mentioned in a previous post... low caloric density is really rare. My daughter had very slow weight gain for her first 4 months, and around six months she started to speed things up and at nine months she is now a chunk! I saw a LC who didn't see any problems with our nursing, and she was havinf plenty of pee and poop diapers, so the pedi never suggested supplementing.

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