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Thread: Shooting pain

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    I am having shooting pain and hardening of my breast randomly through the day. I notice it more when I get chills. It also happens more often when my chest is fuller. I am bf a 2 week old. I had this last bf of my son when I had a staff infection in my breast.
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    Carlie 4/3/08 - bf - Allergic to milk determined by allergy testing. Adding wheat, egg, & soy to my diet.
    Allergen free diet until 6 months. No gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, treenuts, seafood, and fish for mommy as a preventative.
    Birth - 9lbs. 1oz., 20 1/2"
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    Peter 8/31/05 - bf/ebf until 14 months, was allergic to wheat and milk but outgrown these allergies. Eczema brought on by berries.

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    i used to get this shooting pain in my breast and nipples when my lo had thrush. is your lo tounge white or does he have white patches in his mouth?

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