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Thread: letdown sensation...

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    we had my sister, her husband and their children stay with us last week....their youngest is 18 months, and towrds the last half of the week the poor little mite was poorly with an ear infection...and every time she cried, id get a letdown sensation on both sides!! and it hurt! happened so many times in the day....it is odd tho that i never get it when my ds cries!! maybe because he is not a big crier...only really when he is overtired or hungry...altho he only cries when he hungry if he coming out of a longish nap...and again never for very long.......i wondered if it is because when he does cry..im so preoccupied comforting him that i dont notice the letdown....either way..it has made me wary of other crying babies!! lol
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    I have so been there! When the twins were younger, it would happen in the grocery store, at church, wherever a baby was crying. My own kids are not big criers, and I typically start feeding them before they are hungry enough to cry, so it definitely took some getting used to!
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    Same here! It's weird, huh?

    I heard an interview with Amy Irving (Steven Spielberg's first wife). Her son was in Schindler's List as an infant and even though he was a kid at this point and she had stopped lactating, when she heard his cry on screen, her body produced milk and she had a letdown! I'll never forget that story. Even though it was her kid, so much time had passed since she had BFed. The body is amazing.

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    I can't say it's ever happened to me before, but that is so cool
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    I've heard of this happening to other women, but a crying baby has never made me let down.
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