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Thread: Going for a weekend trip away from DS2...

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    Default Going for a weekend trip away from DS2...

    I am taking a weekend trip in two weeks and will be leaving my DS2 home with my DH. He has started to wean himself and mostly nurses first thing in the AM, at naptime and bedtime. Will 2 weeks be enough time to get him weaned? If not, Will he be ok without his "Mooch" for a weekend and will I still be producing milk if I dont nurse for 3 days? Lately he has gone a full day without nursing and I did not get engourged like I used to. As a matter of fact, they dont get "Full" at all anymore. If I go 3 days, will I get engourged?

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    Default Re: Going for a weekend trip away from DS2...

    Everyone is different but I went away for a three day weekend when my nursling was 2 1/2, came back, crawled into bed and she latched on.
    I wouldn't worry about weaning before or your supply.
    You might get engorged, I did not. If you do, you could hand express to be comfortable.

    That is my experiance anyway!
    Try to have fun and not worry about DS2! I've found that if I'm not around, it's not an issue!!

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