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Thread: how much solids?

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    Question how much solids?

    how much solids should an 8 month old be eating?


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    Default Re: how much solids?

    There is no should. Some 8 months olds eat solids twice a day and some eat no solids at 8 months. Just started solids pretty much at 8 months and I would give my dd a few bites roughly 2 times a day.. not meals.. just a few bites here and there. Keep breastfeeding on demand and if your lo is interested I would do solids 1-2 times a day.

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    This is a really good site to check out...


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    thanks for the link.

    the thing is i have a baby that just turned 8 months and she nurses about 8-10 times a day still (depending on how many times a night she wakes).
    i feed her 3 solids a day
    am=cereal or a tube of gerber second foods
    lunch= 1/2-1 tube of gerber second foods
    then some days she has a snack of a teething cookie or fruit puffs
    dinner=1jar of gerber 2nd dinner or 1 tube of gerber second foods.

    well the last couple of weeks she screams for food if she sees me eating something cuz she wants some of my food to. she has also been tryn to grab the food off of my plate. so i normally give her a lil of what im eating too.

    do you think this means she is hungry still or does she just want it because in eating it? should i maybe try and give her more table foods instead of baby food?

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