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Thread: Finger foods and teething biscuits

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    Default Finger foods and teething biscuits

    Okay, we are coming up on 7 months (I can't believe it!). I have a couple questions about finger foods:

    What do you recommend to start with as far as finger foods and WHEN? She doesn't have any teeth yet, but she does have her pincer grasp pretty well...

    Okay, my other question: I bought the Earths Best Wheat Teething Biscuits and they say to wait until child is crawling well, etc. (nine months and older) to do them. But, I thought that would be easier than finger foods because of the size So I'm a little confused about that.

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    Default Re: Finger foods and teething biscuits

    We gave DD the Earths Best biscuits at around 7 mos, but honestly haven't used them more than once or twice because they make such a sticky, slimy mess. Just hasn't been worth the clean up.
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    Default Re: Finger foods and teething biscuits

    we started finger foods and soilds in general around 8 months or so. I still haven't done teething biscuits or anything that she holds and bites herself ( like a cracker) every time I try she bites off 2 big of a piece. I just cut everything pea sized pretty much. Most foods can be finger foods. Rice, pasta, beans, veggies, fruit, cherrois ( I break them in 1/2). My lo loves organic cheerios, rice crispies cereal and puffed rice cereal. Easy to pick up and they dissolve in her mouth. The only thing finger food wise she has had trouble with a hard things like apple chunks- she chokes on those so I grate the apple and pear instead. Same with carrots. Cereals tend to dissolve in the mouth and soft fruits like watermelon, cantalope, strawberries are fine. Just becareful or harder things. If you are doing dairy grated cheese is a great finger food too.

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    Default Re: Finger foods and teething biscuits

    my lo has got great pincer grasp, and loves her solids but it has to be pea size or she gags on it..She LOVES the gerber cereal puffs but I break them up into thirds-they dissolve the easiest! I break up a raisin into fourths! She loves that! I have given her orzo (perfect size). The inside of a pea! cheerios cut in half!

    these were all since 7 months and now at 8 mo I try to give her anything we are having (veggies or fruits) in the same small pea size! anything bigger she gags, I am hoping she grows out of that soon, but she has gotten better. I can see her trying to bring it up to the front of her mouth, instead of me going back there and getting it!!

    Oh and I tried the teething biscuits and they were cute for the first 3 min, then she made it so soggy that too big of a piece feel off into her mouth and I had to go in there and get it, so we are going to wait longer for bigger foods until she can handle bigger pieces in her mouth!

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    Default Re: Finger foods and teething biscuits

    my lo is 8 months in a couple of days and she eats the gerber teething cookies, the toast and the puffs. but she has 5 teeth...so might be a lil harder for your lo to eat but as long as your lo can chew well i dont think there would be a problem my lo mostly gums them anyway except for the puffs which she bites with her front teeth. we started with the teething cookies at about 6.5 to 7 months. the others we just started a couple weeks ago
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    Default Re: Finger foods and teething biscuits

    I give my DD the teething toast, she LOVES them! I think she likes the independence of feeding herself (I am scared to try BLS!) She gagged a bit the first couple bites, I think from the crumbs, but she never came close to getting a piece off that would choke her. (DD is the same age as your LO and she doesn't have teeth either) I bought the puffs a couple days ago, but too afraid to give them to her yet!
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    Default Re: Finger foods and teething biscuits

    my pedi told me we could start finger foods like Gerber puffs or Cheerios and teething biscuits at my lo's 6 mo checkup. She said with the teething biscuits just to stay away from the toast type because it's more likely to have pieces break off- i haven't tried these yet though. I have given her the Gerber puffed finger foods. She especially likes the wagon wheel shaped ones- carrot/cheese flavor- These are bigger than the other ones, so they're easier for her to hold to her mouth and they dissolve quickly, so I don't worry about her choking (of course, I watch her closely anyway).

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