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Thread: A couple questions about teething

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    Default A couple questions about teething

    I have a couple questions about teething. DD is 8.5 mos and has two bottom and two top teeth.

    1. Is teething pain mostly experience prior to and/or as teeth break through the skin or does it continue as teeth move down (her top teeth broke through several weeks ago, but they still have a long way to go before they are fully "in")?

    2. If DD is experiencing teething pain would she refuse the breast AND the bottle? Or is it possible she'd refuse the breast, but still take the bottle?

    3. Would teething pain cause DD to reject the breast during the day, but not at night? Or would she go on a nursing strike altogether?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Default Re: A couple questions about teething

    1. Depends on the child. IME, the "before" is much worse.
    2. It's possible, BUT if that happened, it would be good to look into other causes (such as an earache, for example).
    3. Many babies who are feeling distracted during the day, will nurse whole heartedly at night (or during in the day in a quiet, darkened room).

    Here's some helpful info:


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