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Thread: weight gain

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    Question weight gain

    we complete 6 months. how many grams should she have taken this one last month (from 5 to 6 months) to be considered "normal"? we must be around 400 grams up this month. From the third month to the forth she had taken 350 grams and from the forth to the fifth month,250.

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    Sorry you haven't gotten a response. I'm not good about metric, but it sounds like weight gain has slowed. 400 grams is closer to a pound , which is good. Slower weight gain is OK as long as the baby has 6-8 big wet diapers a day. If there are enough wet diapers then you know the milk is getting in. Weight gain can slow down in the 4th month because baby gets curious about the world and distracted. My baby eats less in the day, but eats alot at night and late at night.

    If baby sleeps with you then baby can eat more when it is dark and quiet.

    Hope that helps!

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    This site has a calculator you can use (measures in ounces):

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