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Thread: Not daytime nursing, feeling rejected

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    Default Not daytime nursing, feeling rejected

    I have posted recently that DD (8.5mos) has really cut back on her daytime nursing. M-F she gets 3 bottles plus breakfast and lunch at DCP. Evenings and weekends I will nurse on demand. For the past few weeks she's only been interested in the bedtime and middle of the night (or 2) nursing sessions. Sometimes I can get in a good a.m. session when she wakes up in the morning if it is still quiet and dark and she hasn't fully waken. But, if she's really awake, forget it. And all the daytime sessions on the weekend are a huge struggle. Thing is, I know she'd take a bottle if it was offered to her, so I know it is not an issue of having too many solids or teething. She simply doesn't want the boob. Yesterday, for example, I had to work a special event at my job and was gone for about 7 hrs. DH gave her a bottle while I was gone. When I got home she had woken from a nap and DH had a bottle warmed and ready to go. She made a huge fuss when she watched DH take the bottle to the sink (he hadn't given it to her yet, but she could see it on the table) and when I tried to nurse her she refused. And yet it had been like 3 or 4 hrs since lunch and I knew she had to be hungry/thirsty. I'm at a loss for what to do. I've tried different positions, different rooms. Nothing seems to work. If she's on my lap she would rather sit up and slap her hands on the chair arms. If we lie down on the bed she'd rather just crawl around. I hate feeling rejected like this and I hate being worried about whether she's getting enough fluids. The weekdays are so much easier because I know she'll take the bottles at DCP. The weekends are just sooooo difficult. If she were a year old (or closing in on it) I wouldn't worry so much, but we've still got 3 months to go and I really want to maintain a good nursing relationship. I would prefer to nurse on weekends and not pump since I'm already pumping 3x's a day during the week and it would break my heart to pump at home while watching her take a bottle. I'm grateful that the bedtime and nighttime sessions go so well. I just wish we could get back to a few good daytime sessions.
    Thanks for reading my vent. I'd welcome any advice.
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