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Thread: ...green soiled nappies

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    Question ...green soiled nappies

    Hi there! I am really concerned about my LO. She has not been gaining weight as she should be (according to HV). Birth weight was 7lbs she is now 10 lbs she is 10 weeks old. Now from about 4 days ago, having greenish nappies. Read up she is not getting enough hindmind. And that I should be feeding from one breast at a feed. Is this right? She is also constantly wanting to nurse???
    I am really desperate. I really want to continue breastfeeding but also want the best for my daughter!!!
    Help please.

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    Default Re: ...green soiled nappies

    here is a link that might help


    block feeding can help with green poops...
    but what helped my dd was to get rid of cows milk.
    whats your diet like do you drink alot of cows milk?
    OR alot of dairy products or soy?

    She was having yellow seedy poops before?
    Sometimes when they are sick they will have green poops?
    runny nose? fever?

    the nursing all the time could be normal or a growth spurt.
    how many times in 24 hours is all the time?

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    to ensure that your baby is getting the good hindmilk, you need to make sure that your baby drains the first breast before offering the second breast. This may mean that she might only take one breast, or just need a little from the second.

    If your LO is not draining one breast per feeding, you may have an oversupply. If you can reduce your supply, your LO may then be able to empty your breast and get the hindmilk. Supply can be reduced by feeding more than once on the same breast. (ie, start with 2 feedings on the right breast, then 2 feeding on the left breast). Here is some more info on block feeding to reduce supply.

    About her weight gain - is she gaining at every check up? (even a small amount) Or has she stopped gaining? Is she losing? Because if she is still gaining, I wouldn't stop nursing. Here is the growth chart for "breastfed" babies. It's different than formula fed babies.

    Maybe your LO is going through a growth spurt? Usually around 3 months there is a growth spurt so that may be why she is constantly wanting to nurse. (Although, if she is only getting foremilk, she will be hungry more often )

    HTH for you!

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    Andrea, will try getting rid of diary products and yes she did have normal poos before and she does not seem to be sick.
    Today her poos have been more yellow-brownish.
    thx for the help!!

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    She is gaining weight, but not as according to the charts. Thanx alot for the help!!
    Greatly appreciated!!

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    You doing great! No need to stop breastfeeding. My dd had the green poops too. I started feeding on one breast per feeding and sometimes using the same breast for 1-2 feedings and doing block feeding and that helped a bunch.

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