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Thread: Tongue-tie - would you clip when baby is already 1?

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    Default Tongue-tie - would you clip when baby is already 1?

    When DS was born, he had difficulty latching, and so I used a nipple shield for the first 9 weeks. We saw several LCs, and only one diagnosed him with mild tongue-tie, so we weren't sure if he really had it, since we had conflicting opinions. Because he was gaining weight well and I wasn't in any pain (thanks to the nipple shield), we opted not to get his tongue clipped.

    Anyways, now he's almost one, and I think he does have tongue-tie. He doesn't stick out his tongue past his teeth, and it's slightly indented in the middle when he tries. He's still nursing well, and so I don't have any immediate reason to clip his tongue, except to prevent future problems. I'm actually worried that if we do clip it, we'd have some issues nursing because he'd have to relearn how to use his tongue, and I kind of don't want to mess with it. But on the other hand, it does seem to make sense to clip it before it has an impact on his speech development and other things.

    Has anyone had their baby's tongue clipped when they were around 1 or so? Do you think I should do it, or just wait to see if it causes any problems? I'm kind of kicking myself for not dealing with it when he was a newborn, since it would have been so much easier - but at the time, we weren't sure if that was really the problem and the surgery, although minor, was such a scary idea...

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    Default Re: Tongue-tie - would you clip when baby is already 1?

    Have you had any recent advice on clipping his tongue from your pediatrician, or an ear, nose, and throat specialist or a speech therapist? My nephew had his done when he was older I think around 2 1/2 and was showing some speech problems. I had my DS2's done at 5 months. His was mild and my pediatrician was hoping it would stretch enough that it wouldn't be an issue. He was also a nursing champ and gained weight easily. He did go about 4 hours after the surgery not wanting to nurse. I think his mouth was still numb so he couldn't. IMO when it is a mild tongue tie I would seek advice from his doctors, do some research on your own and make the best informed decision that you can.
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    Default Re: Tongue-tie - would you clip when baby is already 1?

    There is some excellent information about tongue-tie and how it can affect older children and adults on Dr. Brian Palmer's website www.brianpalmerdds.com He is very pro-breastfeeding and tends to think that tongue-ties should be released, and gives lots of info and research as to why he thinks that.


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    Default Re: Tongue-tie - would you clip when baby is already 1?

    I would think twice about tongue clipping. My brother in law had his clipped as a baby and he still talks with a lisp. My MIL really wishes they had waited till he was older (talking) because they weren't sure if it was really neccessary. I know cases are different, but they think he might not have speech problems at all if they had not had it clipped.
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    Default Re: Tongue-tie - would you clip when baby is already 1?

    My son is tongue tied and I wonder about his future too. He has BF like a champ and like yourself, after an initial adjustment period it was never an issue. But part of me wonders about his continuing childhood fun/adult life with a tongue that he can't stick out, assuming he escapes any speech problems and doesn't require clipping when he's a little older.

    He needs to lick ice cream cones and lolly pops, french kiss girls and um...cough...other adult stuff that requires a mobile tongue Not the nicest of thoughts about my 11 month old but I'm a realist and want him to have a full and happy life. He can blow a raspberry but with two side blobs of tounge sticking out his lips and no middle visable.

    I don't know if stretching makes a difference but his Daddy does tongue movements with the logic that any tissue will stretch with time and James loves to try and copy him.

    I take the attutude that time will tell and barring speech problems, I suppose it's something I can ask him his opinion on himself when he's older...from a lolly pop point of view, not the other:P

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    Default Re: Tongue-tie - would you clip when baby is already 1?

    Thanks very much for the responses. I am going to bring it up at his 1-year WBV, but his ped didn't agree with the LC who said he had tongue-tie when he was a couple of weeks old, so I don't necessarily trust her judgement on this. I guess I was just wondering if I should request a referral to an ENT now, or wait to see if any problems come up. I'll see what my ped says...

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