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I just worry about how you yourself are taking this particular learning experience, and I worry that if you hinge your own sense of worth on whether or not this friend ends up breastfeeding, you will burn out, and the next time a friend has a baby, you won't speak up against the loud chorus of misinformation and sabotage. THAT would be a tragedy.

Rebecca, thanks for you sensible reply. Yes, she can recover from a less than ideal start to nursing - I've seen women with determination do it. Whether she has that determination remains to be seen.

I'm not going to base my self worth on her success. I never have. But for 17 years, I've watched her make some bad decisions and it's hard. I will definately offer support to other friends when the time comes.

I realize my feelings on the subject are my problem and that's why I'm not discussing them with her. I think I have done all I can do for her at this point. I'll just keep calling to wish her well and offer support. I'll go see her again when she's home.