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Thread: Need a new feeding schedule for 10 month old, please help!

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    Default Need a new feeding schedule for 10 month old, please help!

    I think DD is outgrowing her schedule. Here it is right now (similar for the last 4 months):
    7am - wake up and BF (lots)
    8 or 9: cereal and fruit for breakfast
    (am nap)
    11: 4-5oz EBM (or BF if I'm home from work ie w/e)
    12:30: lunch (varies, lots of table foods)
    (pm nap)
    4: 4-5 oz EBM (or BF)
    5:30: dinner (cereal, meat/veg etc)
    6:30: BF ++ and bed
    (4am: BF)

    her mid- am and pm bottles have gradually been getting later since she can stay up longer, and take longer naps (yay!) Now they are starting to meld into mealtimes, especially if she sleeps extra long. Then she fills up with milk and isn't as hungry.

    In 2 months, she's going to daycare, who has the routine of breakfast at home, early am snack, lunch at 11:15, snack around 2 and then she'll have dinner at home. With such an early lunch, there's no way she can drink milk before it. When she's 12 months and starts there, I want to cut out the EBM and just BF am and bedtime, and give her the rest as cow's milk.

    ... what do I do? Is it ok to just give her 1 bottle of EBM, maybe 6oz after lunch, and add a morning and pm food snack instead of the milk? Then it would be BF, breakfast, snack, lunch and EBM, snack, dinner, and BF/bed. It seems like plenty, but DH and I aren't sure if it will work.

    (also, I know she's taking less than 8-10oz during the day when I BF ad lib with her on weekends, because during the week, pumping 8-10oz in one session at noontime at work actually INCREASES my supply over the course of the week!

    Any suggestions? What/when does your 9-12 month eat?

    Help appreciated!

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    Default Re: Need a new feeding schedule for 10 month old, please help!

    Well I would try to breastfeed/bottle at least 4 x a day until she is 12 months and then you can cut out some of the feedings. You want to make sure she is getting enough fat and protein from the breastmilk... My lo eat solids 3+ times a day and nurses 6-7 times in 24 hours. I don't really have a sch I just do breakfast, lunch, dinner and occasionally and afternoon snack and she still takes the breast every 2 hours or so during the day. She most of the time just nurses for 2-5 min at most except for in the am and at night.
    This is our rough sch for the day.... ( all table food ) my lo is 10 1/2 months
    6 15 am- nurse
    730ish breakfast- regular oatmeal with prunes, or rice crispie cereal and fruit ( cantalope, applesauce etc)
    830-9ish- nurse
    12 lunch- turkey or chicken, fruit, etc
    1 pm nurse
    3 pm nurse
    5 pm nurse
    5 30ish dinner ( rice, breans, veggies, meat
    630-7pm nurse and go to bed.

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