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    just some random questions that ive always wondered about..

    are wet nappies more important than poopy? i know some bf babies only go once every few days, but ds has at least 4 poopy nappies a day..and about 5-6 wet ones (ive done the 60-90 mls water in a nappy weight test) and some of these heavier than what would be considered a sufficiently wet nappy.....

    also..ds has slowed down a lot on the weight gain...only 9.5 oz in 3 weeks.....he had been at about 10 oz a week..but he is more active now....but is any weight gain still good enough? if he wasnt getting enough milk would he still put on weight, not put on weight or lose weight? i know im probably worrying too much..but i cant help it tbh..and if any1 can answer any of the above questions i hope it will put my mind at ease,,,i dont know why but i seem to be worrying overly much about his slow weight gain now..2 oz in 1 week. then only 7oz in 2 weeks..i know he will slow down as he gets older and is more active...but that is a big jump from the 10-15 oz a week he had been putting on, and it happened so suddenly..
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    I think a reason why wet diapers are referred to so often is that they will be the first to stop if a baby is dehydrated. The intestines are going to keep working so long as there's something in them, so that's a much harder guideline to follow, but the kidneys will start conserving water quickly when the intake is decreased.

    Wet stools are a sign of good hydration, too, but to not poop for a day isn't an emergency where not peeing for a day very well could be...make sense?

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    Yes, wets are more 'important' than poops (read more about the importance of their output here)
    Their weight does slow down and can jump around and it all be fine because you'd really want to look at the growth over the course of a longer peiod of time rather than one week to the next - y/k? . You can read more about breastfed babies and their weight gain here.
    This page deals with some of the problems that might be the "cause" if it was actually a problem ( which I am not saying it is )

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