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Thread: Mucusy poop

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    My son is 6 months & his poop is often green, but sometimes yellow & is sometimes mucusy. Should I be concerned? I've read that green mucusy poop can indicate that the baby is not getting enough hindmilk, but my son has gained weight like a champ (he was 7 lbs 3 oz at birth & is now 19 lbs 10 oz) so I don't think that's the case.

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    The mucous is more likely from a sensitivity/allergy. The green could indeed be from not enough hindmilk, among other things. But since he's doing well and is 6 mo, I'd just maybe start writing down what he's/you're eating and when it happens try to make a connection

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    They (ped's) say that mucus and/or blood in the stool is a sign of a milk protein allergy.

    My son had a some mucus in his poop at your son's age. He also got really red, scaly cheeks. When I cut down on the dairy I took in, which was a lot, I noticed a decrease in his red, scaly cheeks and in his diapers. I kept asking the ped. if this was an allergy and I've been told no repeatedly. I think it has to be a pretty drastic reaction where there's no mistaking it for it to be a true allergy. I figure my ds must have a sensitivity then. Now that he's old enough, he can eat some dairy products. He flares back up when he eats milk-containing products, so I really limit them until I can find a ped. who'll work with me on this. I'm also having a difficult time finding anything on it on the computer, so I'm going to have to go to the library or something.
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    My DS started to get the mucusy poop when he started to teeth. I read in a book that it's common and the mucusy is from the extras slavia that they swollow from teething.

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