Since my son is now latching....I am wondering what to do.
See in the mornings after it has been a few hours of no expression he gets my milk when he wants to latch. he gets a partial meal sometimes it's enough to satisfy him for an hour..
my thing is though after that I express and put him to the breast a lot. so much though that Idon't think he is getting much from me when he latches.

is there like a shedual i should do?? I am expressing sometimes every 30 minutes. but again once he is at my breast there isn't much...

should i only express every 2 hours. say for instance he takes the breast at noon, should I try to latch him again at 1 ot 2, and if he does then express as soon as he is done to empty myself as much as I can ... or if he doesn't latch make sure I express after 2 hours????

I am just wondering what's best... as of right now he snacks on me and i express constantly.. LOL