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    Hello, my LO is 4 months orld now. It goes by so quickly! He started sleeping through the night (about 8 pm to 6 am) about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Then suddenly 2 days ago he started waking in the middle of the night again and wanting to nurse more frequently during the day. He also seems more fussy and irritable. I feel like he isn't getting as much milk when he is nursing because I don't hear him doing a lot of swallowing. I was wondering if it could be a growth spurt or if he may be teething. Does this all sound normal or could my supply be decreasing for some reason? Thank you all in advance for your support and advice. You all are lifesavers!

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    From my experience it's normal, my LO went from sleeping through to waking a million times a night right around that age. I think it was a mix of developing so many things, starting to notice the world around them, teething and growing!

    If you are worried about supply try oatmeal but usually a baby will rectify that by nursing more- so if they have enough poopy and wet diapers you are probably fine. It's amazing but they usually know what they are doing, and will get what they need.
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    Hi, Just wanted to say my lo did that at that age/stage. I know it had to of been a growth spurt cause she was really growing plus teething as she got 6 teeth all at once around 6 months. I know it can take months for the teeth to actually appear. I am going thru another growth spurt teething stage right now at 12 months. I am exhausted! As long as your lo has plenty of wet diapers I wouldnt worry about supply. Our bodies have a great way of adjusting to supply and demand. Hang in there!
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    Yeah, I've posted on here a few times about how I've been trying to keep up with my "little" man. He weighed 11 lb 2 oz at birth, and now at just over 3 months, is weighing in a little over 16 lb. He's not overweight - he's just HUGE!

    I've had to go through a couple of the growth spurt things where I just spend 2-3 days in bed, all day, every day, because all he wants to do is nurse. Then the last week or two, he's been finding his hands and fingers better and has been sucking more on them and less on me. It was making me nuts with worry because I thought there was something wrong when he would eat for 45 minutes and then not eat again for almost 3 hours!!!! But he's had plenty of wet diapers, and he still has his big "blowouts" (bowel movements) every day or every other day, so I'm feeling reassured that he is getting plenty to eat. I figured that if he weren't, he wouldn't be so happy and playful all day, either!

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    I would say a growth spurt. My lo is now a little over 4 months and his hit right before he turned 4 months. He started getting up 2-4 times a night and eating more often during the day. But he has leveled back out now and it only took a couple of weeks. Hope all goes well.

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