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Thread: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

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    My milk didn't come in for a week, but I think it had little to do with my C-section and more to do with the stress of two days of labor, unplanned emergency C-section and being seperated from my baby. I was so upset at how things turned out and I really think that influenced my milk in the beginning. My advice is RELAX and put the baby to the breast as much as possible. Once I was allowed 24/7 access to my babe, the milk started to flow......
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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    Mine came in about 4 days after my section. I just nursed, nursed, nursed pretty much constantly. Even if she didn't act hungry I'd feed her every 2 hours and if she acted hungry in between I'd go ahead and nurse her again.

    You can definitely do this, no matter how you plan to deliver!!
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    I had DD by c-section 5 weeks ago and was concerned about this. My DD was also a month early, so I was also concerned about her suck maybe not being good enough to stimulate my milk. Due to those concerns, I requested a breast pump and pumped about 4x per day or so during the first 3 days along with nursing DD often. My milk came in on Day 3 while I was still in the hospital, and DD was regaining the few ounces she lost on the first couple days by Day 4 when we left the hospital.

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    C-Sec here as well. I did pump while in the hospital though. Was there for 2 days, milk came in in 24 hours (I pumped twice while there and nursed constantly).

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    My milk didn't come in for 5 days after my c-section. But it really didn't make a difference. He was fine on Colostrum until then. A lot of what happens in the 1st days after a child's birth is based on the staff and what the mother knows going in. I was in a "baby friendly" hospital in Berkeley Ca. All mothers had private suites where the babies roomed in, and breastfeeding is really the norm. All the nurses, not just the LCs were informed and because they didn't try to push formula on me, and I was clear about my intention to breast feed, there was no issue. They did not try to make me panic when he didn't eat for 24hours, they did not try to make me panic when he went from 8.2lbs to 7.9lbs. They told me it was completely normal for babies not to want to eat for the 1st 24hours and also completely normal for them 10 lose up to 10% of their weight in the 1st few days. And most importantly the whole staff new he could live on colostrum alone for as long as it took for my milk to come in. He did. All was well.
    My point is don't worry. And don't let the hospital staff intimidate you. Colostrum is all a new born needs for days. And it works for as long as it is there. I wouldn't push my breast to make milk before the baby comes because I wouldn't want the baby to miss this liquid gold that keeps them safe from so many things the 1st year. (Colostrum)

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    C-section here too... I pumped some while in the hospital, and nursed baby lots... My milk came in on day 5, the day after we got home from the hospital. I think the slight delay to my milk coming in was due to stress... my DD was jaundiced and had to lay under the bili lights, which caused hubby and me to kinda stress out a little. I think if you relax and put baby to breast if he/she even looks your way your milk will come in no problem! Good luck!!

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    I also had a c-section and my milk came in around day 3. I've never heard that a c-section can delay the milk coming in. You just need to make sure your baby nurses as soon as possible, which can be a little tricky after a c-section. I would definitely talk to your doc before starting any suppliments. I would think that you wouldn't want to do it just in case it would mess with the colostrum, which is such an important thing for the baby to get. good luck!
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    Just another thumbs up for milk coming in...My friend had a c-sec and hers was in on day 3.
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    With my first I had a c-section due to placenta-pervia and very soon after the surgery I put ds to the breast and we did alot of skin to skin. I also started drinking mother's milk tea and pumping. My milk came in on day 3.

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    I had a c-sec and my milk came in on day 3. I wouldn't worry about it, mama! Just make sure that the hospital knows your wishes and brings that baby into recovery right away to nurse.

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