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Thread: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

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    Default C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    I've heard that when you have a c-section your milk coming in may be a little delayed. I have a question about that. I know it usually takes about 3 days with a normal delivery for your milk to come in but I heard it takes up to 5 days if you've had a c-section.

    Here's My question: Is there any harm in speeding up the process a few weeks before scheduled section by consuming the "Milk Maid Tea" or any other latation stimulating tea before you even deliver? I ordered a jar of the organic Earth Mama Angel Baby Milk Maid tea and was thinking about giving my body a head start.

    Any suggestons?

    c section is scheduled due to a very large fibroid in an awkward spot.

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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    I would definitely run it by my OB/midwife/etc. Some of those things may cause contractions, and it sounds as if you don't need that to happen. FWIW, I had a c-section and had no trouble with my milk coming in. Good luck, and congratulations on your new little one!

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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    I too had a c-sec. and didn't have any delays...the body knew the baby was out.
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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    My first child was a c-section and I was only 17 at the time. I don't remember being successful at my attempt to breastfeed. He was 3 weeks early. At 2 weeks old he had open heart surgery and it was during that week that I remember being engorged for the first time. I had a little leaking those first few weeks while we were still at home but it wasn't until he was in the hospital that I got completely engorged. By that time I had already given up on trying to feed him at breast and he was on bottle feeds.

    The ingredients in the tea I have are:

    Fengugreek, Fennel, Red Raspberry Leaf, Orange Peel, Stinging Nettle, Spearment, Anise, Caraway, Alfalfa Leaf.

    Glad to hear its not definite that I'll be late in my milk coming in. I looked up all of the above herbs and there is one with contradicting information. Sometimes contraindicated during pregnancy and its Stinging Nettle....and sometimes considered a uterine tonic. I think it depends on what part of the plant your tea is made of.

    Here's a few links:
    Useful Herbs During PRegnancy
    Herbs to Avoid While Pregnant
    Herbs Useful for Low Breast Milk

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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    Raspberry Leaf is rumoured to start contractions. I was a week overdue so I picked some up from my local homeopathic/herbal remedies shop. The lady there said she'd had success with it and my water broke a couple hours after drinking two cups of it. It's only anecdotal evidence, of course, but since you need a c-section, I don't think I'd risk it, personally.
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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    I had a c/s 8months ago and I had not issues with my milk this time around. My first two kids were vaginal and my milk did not come in until almost 3wks later. Needless to say I had no issues.

    I ago with pp the red raspberry leaf is rumored to put some moms in labor.

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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    I had a c-section with my dd #2 and my milk came in the day I came home from the hospital (day 3, I think) No problems whatsoever... with my first dd, milk came in day 4-5, so it was actually quicker after the section! Good Luck!
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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    line up some good help before the baby comes!

    Do you know if you have a local LLLI group or leader in your area?
    USe the pull down in the gray bar.
    Pick usa
    then your state
    and then your area to find a leader and group.
    There might be other leaders in your area also that aren't with a group.

    IF you put the baby to the breast often and early and baby is nursing well I bet you'll have an easier and quicker time with this baby.
    When a baby is weak and isn't removing milk well mom should start to pump right away with a hospital grade pump!

    heres a link to start with:
    learning whats normal and whats not should help too.....

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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION


    The breasts are given the signal to increase milk production after the delivery of the placenta. There really is nothing that can be done to hurry that process along--early milk production is hormonally driven. Please see this page for more info. So, as you can see, there really is no benefit to taking herbal galactagogues (milk increasers) now.

    The best thing you can do to increase your milk production after birth is nurse early (as soon after the birth as possible--and if unable to nurse due to unforseen separation, hand express or pump) and OFTEN (aiming for about 10x in 24 hours).

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    Default Re: C-Section--Delayed Milk--QUESTION

    C-sec here to. No problems wih milk here either.

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