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    Red face Nightime Nursing Binges

    My lo is not sleeping at all at night now. She was sleeping pretty well and when she did wake up every couple of hours I would just feed her and she would go right back to sleep. Now she is waking up every 20 or 30 minutes and cries in pain. She did get two teeth a couple of weeks ago. I am just having trouble knowing whether she is crying at night because she is hungry, teething, or scared... We co slept until 4 months old and then she slept better in her bed. I tried co sleeping again to see if that helped and it is worse. She never really goes to sleep in bed with us anymore. She eats plenty during the day and her weight is good. Am I making it worse by feeding her every time she wakes up crying? Should I try to rock her back to sleep? Should I try giving her solids at night? We have not pushed solids yet because she didnt seem to like them. Sometimes she seems to sleep well with just my dh and her in the bed but than I have no where to sleep... I just was not prepared for her to start eating all night long at almost 7 months old! Any advice is welcomed!!!

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    my son had a hard time teething and it would get worse at night.
    it sounds to me like you lo might be teething.
    my son liked to nurse a TON when was teething b/c the sucking helped soothe his gums.
    my lo wouldn't take a paci so i had to find other ways to help him with teething.

    i honestly found that an amber teething necklace helped his pain a lot.
    it's made of baltic amber and it sits next to their skin and is a natural anti inflammatory. (they don't chew on it)

    the other things that helped us get through those teething nights were wet rags thrown in the freezer to chew on
    and massaging his gums.
    i would rub his face where his teeth were coming in and he would drift back to sleep.
    i hope things get better soon!

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