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Thread: Have to go away from my weaning toddler

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    Default Have to go away from my weaning toddler

    I have to leave my two and 1/2 year old son for 4 days next month. Both my husband and I will be going on a business trip so he will be staying with my sister-in-law and her family at their home. My son is weaning himself. Right now he mostly just nurses when I am putting him to sleep (nap time and bed time). His dad does put him to bed without any problem but he does wake up during the night to nurse. Other than night time he will nurse if I put him down for a nap and then occasionally if he is needing some comfort. He has been working with Early Intervention due to a slight speach delay and some social delays. His speech is really coming along and socially he has been doing great since I enrolled him in a play group at our local YMCA a couple weeks ago. I am just so worried that leaving him for that long will set him back. I also am not quite ready for him to wean. If he does wean on his own I am fine with that but don't want it to be because I left him too long.

    Any comments or suggestions?

    Thanks so much!
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    Default Re: Have to go away from my weaning toddler

    Hi Amy,
    Sometimes older nursers can skip a couple of days, then ask again. As older children go through natural weaning they may even just nurse one or two times a week. Each child is different. He may have a hard time adjusting to the change in routine while you are away. Or he may be able to understand that when you are together you nurse, but while you are away he doesn't. It's hard to predict. You know your child the best.
    What are your options for traveling? Any chance he could come along with you, if you were able to find a helper like someone from your family or a babysitter?


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