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Thread: Teetering on weaning really need help (long, sorry)

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    Default Teetering on weaning really need help (long, sorry)

    My name is Christy I have a ds who is2.5 who I b/f for 6mos (stopped b/c of biting and recurrent plugged ducts topped off by mastitis).

    I am also a mommy to dd who is 7weeks.
    This is my problem. I am suffering terribly from painful spots in my breasts every 3-4 days on both sides. I am assuming they are blocked ducts. I uses heat, massage and us to unblock them and they go away only to return af ew days later. I am also 100% positive I have too much milk supply; OALD not dx and not spoken to LLL local or an LC. I think this b.c I always feel full and mean always, my dd sometimes chokes, she only eats 10 min on one side per feeding. I can pump at anytime during the day for 10 min and get at leat 4 oz.

    So I have been trying block nursing to slow down my roduction however that seems to aggravate the blocked duct situation. It I nurse/pump frequetnly that seems to keep the production too hig. It is a catch 22.

    I am miserable all the time b.c I am uncomfortable. I feel like I am neglecting my ds; I cannot even run outside with him b.c my boobs are so sore most of them time My poor dh I won't even let him near me.

    I am not sure what to do here but just feel lief would be so much easier if I threw in the towel. I feel so guilty and I really do enjoy b.f her and want this for her... it is just not the wonderful expereince normal b/f moms have.

    Thank you for letting me whine. I am sorry I have not posted anything since I registered; forgot my username and password.

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    Default Re: Teetering on weaning really need help (long, sorry)

    I have had recurrent clogged ducts and it has turned into mastitis several times but the benefits and closeness out weights stopping. You are still early in the game and your body hasn't had time to figure out how much to make or not make. I would just pump and freeze in case you need it for a later time. Is she emptying the breast? Maybe that is why you are staying full. I tend to over produce too with all my kids but I just stock pile it for future use. Don't pump to an excess but just to relieve your comfort. If you can go with out a bra a night too that may help your night time. You can also put a thread in the over supply section to see if you can more help. Some woman have been able to take lecitin (suppliment) to help with clogs. Check with a LC before since your LO is so little still. Good luck
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    Default Re: Teetering on weaning really need help (long, sorry)

    It sounds like you feel like weaning would make your life easier.

    I'll point out a couple things that may change your mind:
    • for somebody like you and I, who have OALD/OS, weaning is probably going to be super painful while the milk dries up. My neighbor never nursed but seemed to produce a lot, and she said it took her 6 weeks before it stopped, and she was in a lot of pain the entire time.
    • breastfeeding is easier than feeding with a bottle. I've done it both ways (babysat a FF baby from birth to 12 months), and bottlefeeding is very inconvienent, particularly at night, when one has to go prepare a bottle/warm it up, sit there feeding the baby (I breastfeed laying down and generally sleep through the feeding), and then rinse the bottle out and put the baby back to bed. I'm far too lazy for that!

    For the OALD/OS, have you looked at any of the FAQs here or on Kellymom? You may find some other tips there. Your local LLL leader or an LC may also have some neat ideas to help you out.

    Biggest thing I HAD to stop doing with #1 to cope with my OS and OALD was to not pump. I'd been told to pump, that everybody needs to pump and has to buy a pump. So I pumped after feeding the baby, built up a huge supply (I literally could pump 8 oz per breast after feeding the baby!), and I fooled around like this for a couple months, suffering constantly from a blocked duct somewhere in one or both of my uber-full breasts. Hmmmm.

    I thought constantly, for 8 weeks or so, about quitting nursing because I was so uncomfortable, and I had friends urging me to quit, but suddenly, one day, I realized I hadn't had any problems (OS/OALD being just one issue I had with #1) and that I liked nursing! Went on to nurse him for 22 months.

    I figured out a couple other things, after working with my local LLL leader:
    • cut out ALL saturated fats. They are in things you don't expect. For a couple weeks, I pretty much ate naked veggies, naked salads, drank no milk, avoided all red meat, that kind of stuff. Saturated fats can make blocked ducts worse. Even today, if I eat a little too much ice cream, I'll get a blocked duct
    • I took lecithin. Can't remember the dosage. My LLL leader told me what to take. I'm sure it's around here somewhere.
    • Once I stopped pumping, I expressed by hand just enough to help clear the duct and let the extra pressure slow milk supply. I had a frequent nurser in #1 (every hour or so) so I wasn't in super pain all the time from the fullness. I also used a heating pad on the blocked area and massage and hot showers to help clear the ducts.
    • I block fed, but I used mostly whichever breast was blocked for the majority of that day. I expressed enough from the other side to keep it comfortable, but I never pumped it dry, as that increases supply. Uncomfortable, yes, but it only lasted a few days.

    With my second, I did some of these same things, plus one other thing. . . I tried wool nursing pads. The Scandanavians swear by them to prevent/reduce blocked ducts, and it did help. I had fewer blocked ducts. I didn't pump at all with him either, and while there were a few very full days, my supply evened out a lot faster, and nursing was a thousand times easier.

    The other thing. . . critically evaluate all your bras. Three years into nursing, I've finally worked out that this one particular nursing tank that I hardly ever wear gives me blocked ducts.

    And yeah, you feel like you are neglecting the first child because you can't do some of the things you used to do with them. What I did to deal with that was play cars and read more stories, rather than doing more physical activities like running outside, while I recovered physically from childbirth and the upheaval adding another child to the family causes.

    You can get through this. Just decide to give it one more day, every day, and before you know it, you will reach a year!
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    Default Re: Teetering on weaning really need help (long, sorry)

    Thank you ladies for your advice. I am trying to work through this but think weaning may be the best for the entire family b.c when momma is not happy no one is happy

    I have been using cabbage to help witht the engorgement and I my clogged duct on the left seem a bit better today after I did ultrasound again before feeding her.

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    Default Re: Teetering on weaning really need help (long, sorry)

    I dont have too much advice as I am going through the same thing as you! My daughter is 2 weeks old. I also have a 15 month old daughter so I understand your predicament! I just wanted to let you k now you are not alone out there. I have a ton of milk too and I am scared of letting it regulate naturally because I tried that right after she was born and ended up with a enlarged lymph node under my armpit and very painful breasts. I am pretty sure it was mastitis but I started antibiotics for a complication with the incision. I of course thought the worst and I dont want that to happen again! I was incredibly worried. So I would pump just a little and then feel the same way within a few hours if that! I know it is the best for our babies so I too am trying to hang in there. Good luck to you and feel free to message me if you would like to chat.

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