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Thread: Eating how much?

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    Default Eating how much?

    Ok, I know everyone says not to measure how much a breastfed baby eats, but I just pumped for the first time and got 2.5 ounces and had to stop because the container was full.

    My LO is one month. Is she eating that much or more? I would have thought she was eating only about 2 ounces.

    Is there a such thing as them getting too much? There are times when my let down is a little much for her.

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    Default Re: Eating how much?

    If she gets too much, her tummy will just return it (kwim?).

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    Default Re: Eating how much?

    thats wonderful you got that much milk for a 1st time pumping.
    most moms have to learn how to pump.

    nope you cann't over feed a breastfeed baby..

    how are babies poops?
    weight gain?

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