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Thread: Ouch, ouch, ouch

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    DD is 18 almost 19 months old and still nursing like crazy. She eats a TON of solid food but nurses about 4 -5 times a day and then at least once or twice a night.

    However her latch the last two weeks or so is KILLING me. It hurts when she latches on and feels like she is getting me with her teeth while she is nursing. She has also started taking both hands and pressing on my chest while she pulls back really hard with her head. It hurts and my nipples are becoming really tender because of the latch in combo with the pulling.

    I still have a great milk supply so I know that isn't an issue.

    I just got my first PP AF back right as all of this started so I'm not completely sure that it doesn't have soemthing to do with this.

    Any ideas or words of wisdom?

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    NAK My milk supply drops every time I get my period (from the hormone shifts. A few days of nursing like crazy and it always returns to normal. Perhaps since your LO went so long without having experienced it, she's frustrated by the change. It'll return to normal, but in the meantime, maybe you could work on correcting her when she pulls by unlatching her and telling her no, and then refusing to nurse her if she continues. Good luck!

    ETA: Is she getting teeth? DD's latch always gets shallower (and she digs in with her teeth) when she has pain from teething.
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    Hi MotherWillow,
    Here's a couple of links to kellymom (non-LLL source) that talk about toddler nursing manners and ways to help with uncomfortable latch in toddlers.


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