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Thread: Weaning necklace

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    Default Weaning necklace

    I read this on Kellymom.com Has anyone tried it with there LO?

    I don't know if this would work with a 2 year old, we made a weaning necklace...(m)

    when my DD was 4 and she was still nursing to go to bed.
    I bought a bunch of bags of beads, each of a different color, and a bag with patterened beads, and a long piece hemp necklace rope.

    Each night that she chose not to nurse she got to pick one patterned bead and one set of plain beads. I gave her 5 beads of that color plus one more for each day in a row that she hadn't nursed. And she strung them up.

    When she finally weaned altogether, I tied it up securely and gave it to her to keep. It's a long beautiful necklace that she considers one of her treasures.

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    Default Re: Weaning necklace

    wow is that a neat idea!
    I'm sure it would work with some kids!

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