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Thread: a lot of feedings in the wee hours....

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    Default a lot of feedings in the wee hours....

    another question i forgot to ask earlier in my previous post...

    my 3 1/2 month old ds has for the past week changed his feeding habits completely. he'll feed maybe every 2-3 hours during the day, but at the wee hours when around 4am rolls around he'll wake up almost every 30 minutes or hour to feed until he finally wakes up for the day at around 7am.

    has anyone else experienced this or can anyone shed some light on as to why he might be doing this? i feel like it not only wears me out, but he's not getting his longer stretches of sleep at night anymore and is making him even more cranky and fussy.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated. tia

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    Default Re: a lot of feedings in the wee hours....

    You might find this resource helpful:

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