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Thread: comfort sucking and OS

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    Default comfort sucking and OS

    My LO is one month old. She wants to suck all the time! I read in another post that LO this young do not comfort suck, they usually suck to feed. Is this true? Sometimes when she is really fussy and I offer the breast she gets really fitfull and crys, sucks a few times, crys and then pulls my nipple, eventually pulling off, but then wanting back on again and doing it all over again. At first I noticed this in the evenings, but then she did it this AM. I am really confused at what she wants. I have OS and OALD and my block feedings are up to 4.5 to 5hr intervals since 4/11 and I am starting to notice a decrease in supply already. At first I thought she was doing this b/c of the OALD, but she will do this at the end of a 5 hr block when my milk flow is not as strong. Could it be that she just wants to comfort nurse and is frustrated that she has to swallow while sucking?????

    I almost offered a paci this am because it got so bad, but I withheldI offer my pinky finger a lot but its hard to do this if I am out and am unable to wash my hands, plus my wrist is so sore from the way I need to bend my hand to get my nail pointing to her tongue and not the hard palate

    If I do end up offering a paci in a few more weeks any suggestions on what one??

    One last question, our latch isn't perfect...not sure if it ever will be (a lot of clicking and sucking sounds becasue she looses her latch) I should probably offer a bottle at some point b/c I know there will be times we may be separated for a short while in the next one to two years. When should I do this???
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    Default Re: comfort sucking and OS

    My DD does the same in evenings-pulling on and off. She seems to want to suck but not eat the whole time, plus she spits up more so I think her tummy is full. I give her my pinky too when she wants to suck and the breast is upsetting her.
    I've used the guideline of 4-6 weeks to introduce a bottle if you're going to do so. Once you introduce a bottle, though, you don't have to give one every day or anything. Once a week or so is fine if you want to keep them in practice iykwim.
    My babes have never taken pacis so I don't know anything about them.


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