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Thread: at what age is cow's milk OK?

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    Default at what age is cow's milk OK?

    I feel like this is a silly question - but until what age does a baby need to be given either breastmilk or formula? I'm just trying to understand this in case something happens where I am unable to nurse and then have to decide what to give my DS who is almost 5 months old. Of course I would give expressed BM if at all possible. But if not, then do I have to give formula until he is a year? I've read that cow's milk is OK at one year.

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    Default Re: at what age is cow's milk OK?

    Yup, one year for cow's milk. You do have to provide something other than BM if your child weans before that. Formula is one option, but I believe there are other alternatives out there. I've heard goats milk is an alternative to formula, but I don't know much about it- specifically whether it has the same allergen effect as cow's milk. I'm sure one of these well-informed mamas around here could give you more info about it.
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    Default Re: at what age is cow's milk OK?

    Goat's milk is great for those who can't tolerate cow's milk...and in other countries kids are raised on it, but it's not going to be nutritionally comparable to BM or formula so I wouldn't use it to replace meals. I think formula or occasionally solids are your best choices up to a year.

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