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Thread: ouch letdown!?!?

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    Default ouch letdown!?!?

    My LO is 5 weeks. I have OALD and OS. I have never been able to feel my letdowns until now and my letdowns are even more active than they were before! Is that normal? Anything seems like it can be pretty normal at this point. Also, I feel my let downs at strange times like in the middle of the night or during the day...and she's not even crying. Or I will let down in both breasts when she is only feeding on one. Also the letdowns feels like a tingling sensation, but also hurts...especially in my nipple.
    I am block feeding, and up to 4-5 hour blocks. I started on 4/11/08. I block fed before, but the block of time was shorter. My breasts are still engorged when it comes time to feed on the next. How do you know if you need to lengthen or shorten the block of time? How do I know this is working??
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    My letdowns happen at strange times too! I think that it is normal to have a letdown on both breasts while nursing. My letdowns always hurt but I normally only feel the first one. Glad to know I'm not the only one!
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    I don't have advice on the block feeding, but the tingling sensation is normal, and I usually feel it more if my breasts are more full. It is also normal to let down on the other side at the same time as the one you are nursing from. I had some painful ones in the beginning. It definitely got better. Now it's just minor tingling, as opposed to the pins and needles pain.
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    It can take some time for block feeding to result in the expected supply reduction, so don't get impatient.

    I have a painful forceful letdown. I remember from my first that it gets better, but I don't remember when. I'm pretty sure with her it was better by 6 months, but I still have it with my second.

    I also have random letdowns triggered by who knows what. They just happen. And, I still leak. Fun, fun, fun!

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