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Thread: ugh! foremilk hindmilk gassy fussy . . . I just wanna cry!

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    Default ugh! foremilk hindmilk gassy fussy . . . I just wanna cry!

    okay, so I'm still struggling with imbalance issues (as well as green poo - which I've decided is normal and I'm not going to worry about it anymore since DS is gaining weight, and is otherwise healthy)

    anyhoo, back to the imbalance issue. I did block feeding until my supply went down - then I went back to one breast per feeding. DS was actually draining my breast! First time for that, lol. He wasn't as gassy, and he wasn't gulping air during letdown! Now, he's extremely gassy again and more fussy than normal (which I'm sure is due to the gas)! Is it possible that after only 3 days of NOT block feeding that I have an oversupply AGAIN?? Am I safe in assuming that too much foremilk is what's causing the gassy/fussy periods? When DS spits up it's usually undigested watery milk

    He was also sleeping much better and now he's up at 3:30, wide eyed and burping until 7 . . . the sleep deprivation is getting to me

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    Default Re: ugh! foremilk hindmilk gassy fussy . . . I just wanna cry!

    My best suggestion is to go back to feeding on one breast for a block of time (whatever works for you) and see if that fixes the issue. Keep us updated!

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