HI I´d written before about my 18 month old and that I was thinking of starting to wean her off her last BF in the evening and I have tried the DODR approach with her - its been abit hit and miss but I think she´s kinda decided she doesn´t want it any more anyway. Its been a problem for me as she´s teething at the mo and she´s really biting me and gets very upset when I tell her to stop!! I think she´s getting the notion that I no longer want to feed her as last night she just fed for a minute on one breast and then for three minutes on the other and gave up!!

The thing is I still want her to have some milk in the evening and try and introduce this as a new bed time routine (she´s become difficult to go to bed now which maybe be the teeth??) so I´ve been warming a little goats milk with a little honey in as a kind of night time treat!! Is this ok? I´m brushing her teeth afterwards as I´m a bit worried about the honey (not with paste just the brush).

On another point I think its gonna be one day she wants some, one day she doesn´t - how will this affect my milk supply? How long does it take for the milk to dry up?

Really appreciate any advice as feel a bit out of my depth!1