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Thread: Introducing the bottle ... but which kind?

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    The playtex drop-ins or second nature bottles are the main ones recommended by lactation consultants, since they are closer to breastfeeding and so may help to avoid nipple confusion.
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    We started with the Breastflow bottles (we were supplementing in the very beginning) but all of a sudden DD wouldn't take them anymore, and we switched to the Playtex Drop-Ins, using the silicone Natural Latch nipple. Just a comment on those, the drop-in bottle liners are BPA-free, which is a good thing if you're concerned about BPA leaching from the bottles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txdaddy View Post
    Our son's been breastfeeding pretty well for over two weeks now. My wife and I are thinking of introducing the bottle in another week or so, mainly so that I can help out with the feedings. It will be pumped breastmilk, no formula. He'll still be mainly breastfeeding, just the occasional feeding with a bottle. The question I have is which kind/brand of bottle to use? Is one preferable over another if you're going to continue breastfeeding?

    I am using the BornFree (made with Bisphenol-A free plastic) for my LO, she seems to like it a lot. I bf and use expressed milk in the bottle for my 5 week old. She has had no issues with nipple confusion (I have been very lucky so far!).

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    I have heard that the Adiri bottle prevents nipple confusion but I have no experience with it.

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