oops! I originally posted this in breastfeeding beyond one (getting a little ahead of myself!)

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do?:

DD is almost 7 months old. I'm kind of happy b/c she is finally letting me know she wants to eat, mainly by pulling at my tank top and then diving in But, she does this all the time now when I'm holding her and so I'll offer to let her nurse and she'll barely eat at all and then bite (which she only does when she's full/bored). I noticed though this morning when DH was leaving that when he started coming toward her she did that...almost like making sure it was there (she does that playfully when she nurses and he starts interacting with her too -pops off and on smiling at daddy). So, I don't want to do this all day, is there an extra signal that I could watch for to let me know if she is really hungry or just checking that my boobs are still there? Let me rephrase, that HER boobs are still there.