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Thread: Low Supply--May have to stop breastfeeding

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    Unhappy Low Supply--May have to stop breastfeeding

    I work full time and could previously pump between 8-10 ounces per day. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my supply was dipping again. I started only getting 7 ounces per day. My doc started me on reglan and told me to stop the fenugreek. I tried this and had bad side effects from the reglan. So I stopped. For the past three days I have only been able to pump 5 ounces per day. My daughter won't really nurse that long in the evenings. I put her to the breast and she pulls off in a matter of minutes, I switch sides and the same thing happens. I end up giving her formula. So, I talked to another doctor & lactation consultant and was advised to start the reglan again this weekend at 1/2a pill 3x's a day and start fenugreek 3 tablets 4x's a day. I was also told to pump after my baby nurses (which yields drops of milk). My breast are no longer full, not even in the morning. I also drink between 60-90 ounces of water everyday. I've been crying every night for the past three days. Nothing seems to help. I don't even know if starting the reglan will help at this point. It's just hard because I wanted to breastfeed longer then four months and it looks like I might not be able to.
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    Default Re: Low Supply--May have to stop breastfeeding

    stress is a milk killer. I know that it is so hard not to stress when you aren't producing enough milk for your baby, but you should really try to be calm(maybe try deep breathing when you feel the stress and tears coming). I wish I could give you more advice. I am sure some of the "wiser' women will come along with great info for you.

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    . This must be so hard for you. Stress is definitely not going to help so TRY not to panic. Maybe AF is returning? My supply dipped really low with my first ovulation and AF. I could hardly pump anything significant and my son was pulling off a lot too. Also, at around 4 months after baby my breasts started losing their fullness as well. That may just be an indication that your body is starting to adjust to breastfeeding. Just keep up the nursing and hopefully your supply will jump up in no time.

    PS - Just because the baby is pulling off after a few minutes doesn't necessarily mean that she is not getting any milk. They tend to get distracted a lot at that age and become more efficient at nursing quickly. Is she having enough wet diapers?
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    Default Re: Low Supply--May have to stop breastfeeding

    Is there anything else going on? Are you on the Pill or anything? I am not sure what Reglan is, but I definitely had big unexplained dips in my supply at times, however it bounced back. Definitely a lot of anxiety though!

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    Default Re: Low Supply--May have to stop breastfeeding

    Here's a link to some information on increasing the amount of milk you are able to pump: www.llli.org/FAQ/pumpwork.html

    How is baby's diaper output? Is she healthy and gaining weight well?

    Is it possible that you might be pregnant?

    Do you have a local LLL leader?

    Some mothers find that eating oatmeal increases their milk supply.

    Many moms find that taking a few days off of work and having a "nursing vacation" can really help when they see a decrease in milk production. Try retreating to bed with baby for a few days of R&R and lots of nursing, cuddling, and skin-to-skin contact. Spending time relaxing and enjoying your baby could really benefit both of you!

    Hang in there and keep us posted!!


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    Default Re: Low Supply--May have to stop breastfeeding

    Hi, my son is 4 month old and I am experience the same problem. I went back to work full-time a month ago and at first I would get 8-10oz / day (I pumped 2 times at work). The past week has been hard, I only get 2 oz each time I pump. I am depressed as well, and thinking about quitting if this continues. Spoke to my doctor, she doesn't recommend any herbs, but made a statement that I need to take at least 18 pills/day (different pills) in order to increase the milk supply. I talked to a LC, she recommended More Milk Plus from www.motherlove.com
    I tempted to go buy it at a local Pharmacy store today. But I wonder if any mother in this forum has experience w/ More Milk Plus.

    I don't take any medications, and my period hasn't started yet. Oh by the way, I'm definitely not pregnant. Have been abstinent for a while (still suffer from the tear during delivery)

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