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Thread: Why cow's milk is better then formula????

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    In my case I dont think I will be able to meet my goal, and I am so low in mylk right now, that I had to suplement yesterday and today.....

    Another weard thing that happened, my left breast is making yellowish color milk and the right breast is making really white milk... is that normal????

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    Default Re: Why cow's milk is better then formula????

    I'm late to the thread but here are a few thoughts...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sambarou View Post
    Thanks for all the info ..... What would breast milk do to adult???? this may sound stupid, but if anyone knows????
    its ok to
    It is fine! My old boss served it as "milk" to a group of people in a meeting once (No I did not tell him afterwards but a few of us knew and )

    Quote Originally Posted by carpentergirl View Post
    As an additional thought,
    many mothers find that after a year of pumping and breastfeeding their ability to supply their baby with milk does not disapear if they cut back on pumping. ....
    Carpentergirl and I chatted about this alot several months ago and I decided at 16 months to start weaning from the pump. I was a milk donor too so I had some guilt for giving it up but now, I am pump free but nurse at morning and night (and daytime too on weekends) and I have all the milk she needs. However, if I get stresed out my supply drops (always has done this), and it is more noticible since I have a limited supply in me (compared to before).

    In the end, do what feels right for you and your LO.
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