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Thread: Teeth marks

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    Default Teeth marks

    Caeden has started occassionally leaving teeth marks after nursing - usually the tops. I notice it is starting to hurt after maybe 10 minutes of nursing and when I pull him off there are teeth marks . It doesn't hurt intially, only after a little while.
    I am wondering if his latch is messed up - though we have never had an issue with this
    Or if there is less milk (I am 8 weeks preg) and he is adjusting his sucking to "try and get more" and leaving the teeth marks then
    Or is this totally natural as those teeth come in more?

    Any thoughts or ideas? I have had to make him stop nursing cause it hurts to much sometimes

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    Default Re: Teeth marks

    Wow; that doesn't sound pleasant!!

    We've never had this issue, and J started getting teeth at 6 months and 4 days... He has 12 fully in and about 4 more that are just popping through.

    My understanding is that if a latch is 'correct', the teeth never need to come in contact with the nipple. I've spoken with an IBCLC about the whole teeth thing because I was worried about it too. They said that - particularly towards the end of a feeding session - older nurslings can get 'lazy' and lose their proper positioning. This is more common when they are falling asleep or getting distracted. I don't know that this helps any.... but are you in a position to meet with someone (an LLL leader or LC) who can take a look at your latch??

    I hope this improves.....good luck,

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    Default Re: Teeth marks

    My 7 month old DD's latch recently started slipping when her two bottom teeth cut through. She opens wide, but then clamps shut at the last second, and her bottom lip ends up right under my nipple - and her two very jagged little raccoon teeth are leaving marks. And it seems to be just getting worse. I am in PAIN and I can't get her to correct her latch. A page I found a little helpful, but you should find much more so because it mainly talks about upper teeth scraping/indentations is here:

    Not really biting, but scraping teeth or indentations

    The intro to the suggestions to help reads, "Teeth scraping, uncomfortable latch, or indentations on your nipple tissue from the teeth is not all that uncommon. It seems to be worse for most moms right when the teeth first cut through, and before they have a chance to wear down some and become less sharp. Babies may also change their latch a bit when they get new teeth, as nursing can feel different to them with the new teeth."

    Hopefully that will have some useful information for you.

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    Default Re: Teeth marks

    Thanks - the top teeth have been in for awhile, though he is working on some others, inc molars so it could be that. He is also at a very distracted phase so I am thinking his latch could be off.
    I'll have our leader check at the next meeting.

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