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Thread: Too late for a nursing necklace? Would it work?

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    Default Too late for a nursing necklace? Would it work?

    I posted the other day about DD (8mos) fussing during daytime feeds...screaming every time I put her in position, but eventually giving in to it. First I thought she was just to busy doing stuff to want to nurse (even though I know she's hungry), then I thought maybe she just didn't like nursing in her room during the day because she associates that with bedtime, but she proved me wrong on that when she wouldn't nurse this morning in my room, but would in her room . And she has this great fascination with my necklaces and earrings. So now I'm wondering if a nursing necklace would hold her interest and make her more likely to want to nurse during the day? Is she too old to introduce one? It's not that she's popping on/off because she's distracted, she doesn't want to latch on at all sometimes.
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    Default Re: Too late for a nursing necklace? Would it work?

    you could try one and see...
    you don'thave to spend alot of $$$ either.
    I went to the goodwill and got a few plastic ones for under $3...

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