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Thread: getting kicked while feeding

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    Default getting kicked while feeding

    anyone elses baby do this my girl is almost 5 months old and has started kicking me..lol oh and scratching my face too and sometimes pulling my hair.ouch.

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    Default Re: getting kicked while feeding

    i can't believe no one has responded to you because i can totally relate. my baby is 9 1/2 months old and has been pinching me HARD for a few months. I pull her hands away and say NO but she cant break the habit because its what she does with her blanket while she's in her crib sucking her thumb. but i relate to what you are saying and sometimes it can be annoying when they get all active while nursing. how old is your baby?

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    Default Re: getting kicked while feeding

    my lo is 4 mos and hits my boob, me, anything in her swinging radius... grabs my shirt, you name it... i try to just talk soft to her to calm her down, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

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    Default Re: getting kicked while feeding

    I have the same troubles. Lots of pinching, hitting, kicking. My LO is 5 months, but it started at 3 months. I've heard that nursing necklaces help. Anybody else heard of this?
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