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Thread: What's wrong with my son?!?

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    Default What's wrong with my son?!?

    A few days ago, my son started having green stools. On Friday, he had one diaper that scared me so badly, I took him to the doctor. It was dark green and mucousy. I called the nurse, and she told me to bring him in that afternoon.

    They did a white blood cell count to rule out an infection. It was normal. The doctor said he could do some other tests, but he wanted to rule out some other problems first. He told me to watch it over the next few days.

    He hasn't had another stool like that, but he is still having 1 or 2 greenish stools everyday.

    I was very concerned about the hindmilk/foremilk imbalance, but he doesn't have any other symptoms (fussiness, etc.) He nurses very well. He'll stay on the first breast anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Depending on how long he took the first breast, he will take the second breast another 10-15 additional minutes. He usually doesn't eat more than 30 minutes total, but sometimes will go 40-45 (rarely).

    Should I try to eliminate dairy from my diet to see? Are there any other symptoms that a baby might have that would suggest a dairy allergy? How do I do this elimination diet? My OB told me to take a calcium supplement, which I am doing. What are some foods that I can find calcium if I do cut out dairy? I know to cut out milk, cheese, butter...anything else??

    Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: What's wrong with my son?!?

    heres a good link
    this is another good one

    symtoms of allergy are in the middle of this link

    cows milk is in alot of foods from the store..
    there are some good stickys in the allergy formum

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    Default Re: What's wrong with my son?!?

    Our DS has gone through a rainbow of BMs. When he was just a few weeks old he had the green mucousy poops too and I worried about the foremilk/hindmilk thing. What I've taken from it is not to expect the mustard yellow, seedy poops all the time. There is a wide range of "normal" when it comes to BF poop! If all else is good with baby I wouldn't worry.

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    I really wouldn't rush to any drastic measures over a few green diapers. That dark mucuousy one sounds like it was a passing thing -- maybe working through a slight intestinal virus or something? -- and if he is gaining well, generally content, no other complaint, then green stools are not really a problem that needs fixing.

    If you do feel this signals a problem, I would look to oversupply as the culprit first, because it is much easier to correct that than to overhaul your diet. My motto as a nursing mother was usually to try the easiest path first, LOL!


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