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Thread: nipple shield question

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    Question nipple shield question

    My LO is one month old and her latch is not the best. She looses suction all the time and makes a clicking/sucking noise while nursing. We went to see the LC today, and she couldn't figure out why she was doing this. I do have OALD and OS plus she had a tongue tie we had clipped at 9 days old. But her latch has been this way ever since she started nursing. The LC told me to try a nipple shield. I was really hesitant, especially b/c I am so afraid of nipple confusion and her only wanting to nurse with it. We have had 2 nursing sessions so far with the shield. I only leave it on for a minute or two and then let her nurse without. I have noticed a big difference. Almost no clicking at all. Can anyone who has used a nipple shield before give me any tips. You are suppose to use a shield under the guidance of a LC, but mine only told me to give it a try, she did not show me how to nurse with it...so I am pretty much doing this on my own. I am pretty sure I am doing it correctly, I just need to know how long I have to use it for and if I should use it for every feeding. Do I have to use it at night? We nurse side lying...any tricks for keeping it on. Also, I am using the standard size shield...is your nipple suppose to fill the nipple part of the shield...it seems too large, but then again she seems to be doing fine with it. Any advice will help!

    Also, has anyone used a nipple shield where it did more harm than good???
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    Default Re: nipple shield question

    I believe that you should use the shield in the best way that suits your individual needs.
    We are using one too - my baby is a preemie and doesn't always 'know' how to latch. Some days we use it (for the whole feed), some days we don't need to. I normally try for a few minutes to see if she will latch without it - if she does then we don't use it, but if she starts to get frustrated then I pop it on. If you can use it for a little while and it helps I would continue doing that. You could always call your LC too and ask her for some more direction, for your individual case.

    Re: putting the shield on and keeping it on, flip the outside edge up (so it looks like a little Mexican Hat), place it over your nipple, then 'fold' the outside edge back over your breast (hope that makes sense!) It gives the shield a little more suction (unless baby gets hold of it and pulls it off!!)

    Also, your nipple does not need to fill the nipple part of the shield. I have small nipples, and they don't come close to filing the shield - and it works just fine.

    The only problem I have when using the shield is that my baby seems to get too much milk, and it spills out of her mouth. I hate to see so much wasted!

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    Default Re: nipple shield question

    we used a shield for some time because LO had so much trouble latching on and was making me very sore. I had trouble with it because I started getting clogged ducts. It can also cause some to have a decrease in supply. I stopped using it for the above reasons and because it isn't easy for the on the go mom. I used it for the whole feeding at first and then started using it and pulling it off but she would usually refuse the real thing. So I just stopped and we both cried for about an hour before she just latched on. I had to stop feedings a lot and correct her latch for awhile. We used it from week one or so until week 8. LO is now 11 months. Good luck
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    Default Re: nipple shield question

    Well I think you are very smart to limit the use of it. I don't know that it did me more harm than good, but DD definitely needed to use it for months and just recently weaned herself from it. I think it did help me initially, but it was annoying that I always had to use it.

    PP gave you good instructions for using it (turn the nipple part half way inside out, then put it on, it will get more of your nipple in the shield). I believe the kind I used said you could put a little lanaloh cream (just a tiny bit works) around the inside edge of it and it will stay on really well.

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