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Thread: So many problems!!

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    Unhappy So many problems!!

    I am desperate! I found this site in my desperation of finding help with breastfeeding my 3 week old baby girl, Alaina. Things seemed to be on the right track during the first days as Alaina was very good about latching on. It was not until I got home from the hospital that I began to get very sore and have several questions leading to my feeling of being alone in all this! I had a LC come to my home to help with the latch on because I was so sore. She gave me good tips which worked while she was here but in the long haul sometimes the tips just don't seem realistic when I have a newborn in my arms, screaming, hands feverishly moving in front of her mouth, etc. This is when I just get her on and take the pain. I was doing a bit better with the latch on (so I think as I was not quite as sore) and thought that I could do this breastfeeding task. However, just recently Alaina has been doing some new behaviors. I get her latched on (with pain) and she only feeds for a minute or so, comes off crying, and I have to relatch to have this process repeat itself. Or, Alaina will fall asleep after latching on and lets go of me. As soon as I move she begins whaling crying and seems to want back on. We can do this up to 50 times. I do the clothes off, lights on, change diaper, etc. and she still sleeps when I am feeding her in the middle of the night and sometimes during the day. She rarely takes both sides. Even if she does stay on she does not seem content very long. I dread her waking up knowing that I have to feed AGAIN (when it was maybe 30 minutes earlier that I did) and endure the pain. This new behavior of not staying on long is confusing to me. She acts so hungry (sticking her tongue out towards me) but then does not stay on. Could this be gas? What else? All I feel that I do is feed her. I dread her waking and am not enjoying my time with her because she never seems to be very content. I do express milk too for those times that I am not around I can have someone else feed her. This is less often than she is on my breasts. She takes a bottle (which she stays with for about 4 oz and seems more content after) Any thoughts?
    Also, when do I express my milk if she is feeding this often. I don't want to pump because I know that at any minute she could wake and then I got my milk out already - what then?
    I am not sure if I am asking too many questions in one thread but I am desperate. I am ready to give up! Please help if possible. I need a hero right now.
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    Default Re: So many problems!!

    You sound frustrated and I'm sorry. It can be tough in the beginning, but please believe me when I say that it does get easier!! It sounds like you are having some difficulties with latching and I don't have any advice for you as far as that goes, but I'm sure someone will come along with some advice about that.

    I can tell you that it's possible your baby is having some nipple confusion issues. Because the milk comes out of the bottle easier than from the breast sometimes babies who have had experience drinking from a bottle will get frustrated when put on the breast. The milk doesn't come immediately when breastfeeding- the baby has to be patient and keep sucking until your milk lets down. Also it requres different mouth movements to nurse than it does to suck a bottle so sometimes when the bottle is introduced early in the nursing relationship the baby 'forgets' how to nurse or just gets lazy about it. Here are a couple of links to sites that talk about nipple confusion:


    If it's at all possible I would probably stop giving her bottles for a while until you guys really get into a good groove with breastfeeding again. A few other things you might try are expressing a little milk so that there is milk on your nipple when you latch baby on, try feeding baby before she gets hungry so she isn't as impatient, RELAX because she can sense your stress and stress can inhibit let down.

    Good luck!! You can do this. It sounds like you are doing pretty well so far until this little snag. I'm sure you can overcome it and get back to happily nursing your baby.
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    It can be so hard at first figuring this breastfeeding thing out It really sounds like you are doing all the right things

    Here is a link regarding fussing at the breast. It is sometimes so hard to know. When your baby comes off fussy, is there milk spraying out of you, or even dripping out? If so, it could be overactive let-down, a very common problem. The falling asleep is very normal for that age. You are doing the absolute right thing to feed on demand and to continue to work on the latch. Here is a great link onlatching on. It is the only visual picture that actually helped me and made sense to me.

    I'm sure you will get some more excellent advice here. You are doing great!

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    I don't think I can help you very much but wanted to offer you

    I was told to not introduce a bottle until after 6 weeks of exclusively nursing (my little one will be four weeks tomorrow), so it could be nipple confusion. I do feel your pain, as it does seem that during the first few weeks we are constantly breastfeeding. Sometimes I feel as though I just finished and I'm starting all over again. I find the best position for me is laying on my side and letting my son latch on the breast closest to the bed. This way I can actually relax and close my eyes. It's less frustrating for me that way. Also, I find sometimes my LO falls asleep and only wants to use me as a pacifier - sucking intermittently with no swallowing. I haven't quite figured out what to do about that yet, but perhaps that's what your LO is wanting?

    Keep us updated as to how your doing! I'm sure you get lots of good advice from the lovely ladies here!

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    Default Re: So many problems!!

    I don't know if you want to try this, but I know it has worked for me. I was never able to get my LO to latch on in the hospital and take milk, so I've been exclusively pumping and giving her bottles of bm. But I did try the shield and she was able to latch on and take milk. My guess is that she's used to the nipple on a bottle so the shield gives her a similar experience.

    It might be a good way to get her back on the breast. But then you will have to wean her off of the shield. Medela makes the shield.

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    Don't give up. Here we have a breastfeeding group and we meet twice a week. Everything you have described, each new mother coming in has a similar story.

    First, watch her carefully and see if you may miss early feeding cues. If you catch her early on, she won't be frantic. Waving her hands in front of her face before she gets fussy is a good indicator that you should be ready to start. If the latch hurts, put your finger in and stop the suction. Calm her and try again. Breastfeeding should not hurt. If you are sore, rub breast milk on your nipple and air dry.

    Anytime she is freaking out be sure to move her away from your breast. Hold her up and soothe her. If you can calm her, try again. She can't latch properly when she is frantic.

    If she seems to prefer the bottle and you prefer she breast feeds, trick her. Start with the bottle and then switch to the breast. The other ladies mentioned let down and that may be the issue as well. If it is too fast she may be overwhelmed and you should express manually first to get her started.

    As for the amount she is eating, 4 oz is a great feeding. If you are worried, count diapers. It is hard to tell what they take in so what we all do here is weigh the babies, then we feed and chat and the babies stay calm since we are relaxed, and we weigh them again. I know you are frustrated and your baby knows, which makes her freak more. Pair up with a mom who has been doing this longer, you won't regret it!

    Long post but hopefully something here will help.

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