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Thread: Should she be eating more??

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    Default Should she be eating more??

    Hi all..... Some background:

    We started our LO on solids at 5 months, she has a big selection of foods that she loves and so far no problems. We are doing organic jarred foods right now because I CAN'T find good organic produce (fresh or frozen)around her to save my life. I am trying to let her lead me with how much and how often she is eating solids, but if I followed her lead, she would be eating an entire jar of fruits/veggies/dinner 3 times a day plus rice cereal!!!

    She has not increased her milk intake since she was 4 months. She takes about 5-6 4-5oz bottles of EBM a day. I am worried that she is taking in too many "empty" solids and not enough BM!! I offer her the bottle about 1/2 hour befor we are going to try the solids, but I think she knows they are coming and refuses to have it until after she eats!

    Her weight is fine, no problems. Still in the 50th percentile and 75th for heright/head circ.

    We see her DR on Monday, so I will ask the same question there, but I feel that you all have better experience then they do. (Plus I see a different DR each time we go and they each say a different thing!!)

    Thanks in advance
    I put my question in BOLD so it is easier to see!!
    All I do is
    But I could not be happier!!

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    Default Re: Should she be eating more??

    I think she sounds like she is doing fine. My lo is almost 9 months and gets cereal and fruit for breakfast, 1 jar and for dinner she gets a little cereal, 1 veggie jar and maybe half fruit or dessert. And she nurses about 4-5 times a day. I think since you can tell she is getting a certain amount of milk I would continue offering the milk first. Others will have other advice!

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