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    Okay, so been working for almost 3 weeks now ( back to work) and pumped for a month or so. Things are working out better than expected, only the past couple of days I've pumped a few bottles of VERY noticably yellow milk as compared to the white milk right next to it in the fridge. Could it be as simply as I took a different vitamin for a couple of days? what's up? any ideas? I'll see if it persists. Just something that deviated from the norm. WE WON"T even go into my precious LO hating the fake nipple to all
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    Maybe your vitamin has extra beta carotene. That would do it.

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    I had this exact thing happen a few weeks ago. My prenatals do not change the color of my milk but I ran out and took a regular good quality multi and my milk was so yellow it was almost green!

    It kinda freaked me out so I went back to taking the prenatals.

    I agree it's probably the B vitamins or beta carotene.

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    I drank the Odwalla Blueberry B monster smoothie and my milk was pretty yellow. Sometimes foods have extra vitamins in them that you might not realize.

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