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Thread: is this a growth spurt?

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    Default is this a growth spurt?

    My LO is 14 weeks. The past few days he has been eating a lot more frequently. Not necessarily for long periods of time (sometimes 5-10 minutes only), but sometimes he'll eat for a half hour, usually when sleepy. He had two nights of waking 4-5 times, which was a shock after his usual 1 or 2 (last night he only woke up twice, though). He has not been able to endure as long of periods of awake time, and seems to need a nap 1 1/2 to 2 hours after waking up from the night or from a nap. Sometimes he will go 3 hours or so, though. This was following a weekend at my in-laws, during which he seemed to do OK.

    So, do the frequent, short feedings, frequent short naps and more night wakings mean growth spurt? Every post I have read about growth spurts says that the babies are attached 24/7 or eating 45 minutes at a time...not the case with my LO, but it's a weird change in habits.

    My question is in bold..I tend to ramble

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    Definitely could be, they usually hit one around 3mos. Sounds a lot like my dd during her earlier growth spurts, sometimes she ate for a while, sometimes for a few min's (maybe more thirsty than hungry?), it was just more frequent. Hers lasted around a week or so. They also tend to change their "routines" just when you get used to them

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