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Thread: how many meals?

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    Hi! I am new to this board and am hoping to join you!

    My dd Olivia is 6.5 months and just beginning solids. We are going slowly and I am in no rush. I was just wondering how many meals per day she should have at this age. I know it is just for practice and should not replace her BM. We have been giving her some solids for dinner (cereal or a veggie), and this week I started sending a meal with her to daycare (for around lunchtime). I thought my ped said around 9 months she should be having 3 meals, but I can't remember. And even though my other dd is only 2, I can barely remember that far back and what we did with her

    Also, she has reflux pretty bad and spits up a LOT! She is gaining weight just fine, although she is on the small side (so are all of the women in our family, so I'm not worried!) At daycare they keep wanting to feed her more solids, although I know its not necessary. Any ideas on how to tactfully inform them that my BM is all she really needs right now?

    Any input would be great. Thanks!

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    For stareters, you could send some solids with her to daycare and make that the only solids she eats all day. Also, tell them to be sure she drinks her ebm first, before they offer the solids. Really, at this age she doens't need to be eating any solids; they are just for fun and learning. For healthy, full term infants, breastmilk is all that is needed until 12 mo. So long as she isn't decreasing her breastmilk intake, however, it's fine to expirement with small amounts of solids (1-2 tablespoons maybe), once or twice a day.

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