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Thread: Difficulty nursing

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    Default Difficulty nursing

    Hi there! I'm new. My daughter is 11 wks old, and we are recovering from thrush. She nurses at the breast, and has also taken expressed breastmilk from a bottle from the beginning, as I plan to return to work and pump.

    We are recovering from thrush right now. All symptoms seem to have cleared up, but both of us are on Diflucan for 7 more days. In the last week or so, she has been very fussy at the breast during some times in the day. Sometimes she is so fussy that she will not take the breast at all, and will only take the bottle. Other times, she will calm down enough with a pacifier, and then I am able to get her to latch on. It's been rough, as she and I both get upset when I am unable to get her to latch on!

    Any advice? Thanks so much! Krista

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    Hi Krista,
    It sounds like you and dd have already been through a lot with Thrush. I know that is a tough one!

    Now you are finding her to be a bit fussy. Can I ask you: How often are you offering the bottle? When do you plan to return to work? When she is fussy at the breast what exactly does she do?

    Some suggestions that have worked for moms with fussy babies are:

    *Wear the baby in a sling or front carrier during the day. This allows baby to feel more contented and gives her less to fuss about, making nursing easier.

    *Offer the breast before baby becomes too fussy. Some signs of hunger are rooting, chewing hands, licking lips and chomping jaw.

    *Take the baby into the bath with you. This tends to calm a fussy baby and encourages nursing.

    *Play white noise: vacuum cleaner, fans, sound machines.

    *Go for a walk in a carrier or sling

    Sometimes, even though the bottle seems like the only alternative, it is actually teaching the baby to be more impatient with the milk flow at mom's breast. Some babies have a more difficult time switching back and forth from breast to bottle, and you may want to consider cutting back on the bottles for a little while.

    Please let me know how things are going for you and understand that with a little time this should get better. Keep up the great job you are doing nursing your baby!

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    Default Re: Difficulty nursing

    Thank you, Kate!

    Yesterday she got on the breast for the rest of her feedings, and I am staying away from the bottle for now. I am supposed to go back to work on February 16th.

    She sometimes goes for her hands or roots around, but then won't take the breast. Then, she will often calm down with a pacifier, and then take the breast once she is very calm. I am working with her to figure out what rhythm she wants to be on right now, and offering the breast all the time. Hopefully we will fall into a rhythm that is right for her.

    Is it possible that she sometimes just wants to suck for comfort and prefers the pacifier?

    Thanks for your support and advice. Krista

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