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Thread: Good, affordable scale?

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    Default Good, affordable scale?


    I have low supply issues and I'd like to know how much BM my LO consumes. When he was young, I rented a very accurate scale. Now that he's 6 months and 20 pounds, a less accurate (and cheaper!) scale would be fine. Half-ounce increments would be good enough. And the scale would need to have a lock-in feature because my LO wriggles like crazy!

    Can anyone recommend such a scale? I've seen ones by Tanita and Seca in the $200 - $300 price range, which would be OK.


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    Default Re: Good, affordable scale?


    maybe this would help..
    My doctors office will let you use their scale for free...
    That just seams like a lot of $$$
    that you could use for other things!

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    Default Re: Good, affordable scale?

    Could you tell us a little bit more about your low supply problems and do you have a doctor or IBCLC who are recommending that you weight your LO often?

    If it's for your reassurance - many mothers find that counting diapers is a really great (and free!) way to make sure that their LO's are getting plenty of milk.

    Perhaps a Lactation consultant or your doctor would have a scale that you can use - for just in between weight checks!
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